Song “23 Unofficial: Jumpshot Lyrics” from 23 Unofficial Lyrics album:

(20, niggas know 20)
(20, niggas know 20)

Rob niggas, know your time’s up
Been on the same grind, go get your grind up
Niggas switchin’ sides, nigga make your mind up
The shoes cost the same price as what your line does
I can do it for the streets and make a girl choom
But the only thing sweet about me is the perfume
And that’s Chanel Blue or Dior
Come to the east and I can put you on a tour

Show you what the life’s like, nigga I’m about mine
Got it locked from the north all the way to south side
Talkin’ ’bout the country, I ain’t talkin’ ’bout the city
Anywhere I go, you know I always keep it litty
The past year has been a mad one
Still with a bad one, shoes still a bad one
Still up in a German
Whip still swervin’
Still teachin’ niggas what these niggas ain’t learnin’
And man I do it for the pain
Got some white bruddas nicknamed John Stones and Harry Cane
They ain’t with a chap, one’s out the back
The other’s waitin’ for the call to go out and attack
Feds try and harm us all because we playin’ narcos
No hot drinks if you ever see a star buck
Bro takin’ orders but he don’t work in Argos
Really in the streets my nigga, go ask Carlos

Different type of brudda comin’ from a different era
We ain’t like them niggas my nigga, we ’bout the cheddar
We just tryna get it in, we ain’t never settlin’
My young boy had the whole strip lookin’ like Medellin
Judge done him dirty, gave my young G’s a 30
One got a 10 the other nigga got a 7
Other got a 8, my niggas lookin’ at 11
I just pray the judge got a heart just like Kevin

Street shut down anytime I touch down
Lost trip I took, I swear I’ve gotta go bust down
Niggas mad at me because I spend a salary
Always kept it humble, I know nothin’ ’bout no vanity
Nowadays niggas switch up, it don’t phase me
Use to buy J’s, now I swear Jordan pays me
Face of the UK
And niggas know 20
Always got a suite but no souffle

(20, niggas know 20)
(20, niggas know 20)

23 Unofficial: Jumpshot Lyrics from 23 Unofficial Lyrics

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