Song “2 Chainz: Stay Woke Freestyle Lyrics” from 2 Chainz Lyrics album:

Boy you should know that
I got you on my mind
Your secret admirer
I’ve been watching you

I got a bag, I’m working
Her bag, is Birkin
My past, ain’t perfect
I brag, on purpose
The cash, gon’ surface (yeah)
The tag, is paper
That’s hard construction, 2 holes, staple
Good brain she got that knowledge
I’m gonna acknowledge
Skills already polished
Dope, narcotics
Yellow wrist snotty, garage got a lobby
8-Ball and MJ, break a bitch college
Hope you don’t think I lost it
My kids think I’m awesome
I’m a seed that just blossomed
Take they head then I toss ’em down the river
The stream, this shit gone stream
I’m lit, I mean since age fifteen
It’s my birthday, are we fuckin’
Some head, give me somethin’
Ballin’ like Kentucky (swish)
Woke up then you lucky
You can tell I ain’t stressed
Chains on the dresser
Had to get that off my chest
Achoo, you know I’m blessed (achoo)
I play my part, I ate, I starved
If knowledge is key, I got an automatic start
It’s the South Atlanta Don, leave ’em leanin’ in the stall
With a needle in they arm, yeah, these bars are fentanyl, yeah
Streets is Vietnam, yeah, please don’t be alarmed, yeah
When I was in a wheel chair I treat it like a lawn chair
Optimistic man, you must have missed it, you know the statistics
Die or go to prison, inside the Wraith like the Solar System (tell em)
I beat the odds, nigga
I’m the one made the .357 spark, nigga
Bought the Cullinan and Urus just to fart, nigga
Drop the seat, hit the button and massage, nigga, yeah
Look in the mirror say I did it myself
But God right here, he know I needed some help
I seen ’em follow trends ’till they end up broke
Read a book, change their diet, talkin’ bout stay woke

2 Chainz: Stay Woke Freestyle Lyrics from 2 Chainz Lyrics

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