Song “03 Greedo: Bacc To Bacc Lyrics” from 03 Greedo Lyrics album:

[03 Greedo:]
03, ayy
Try my gang and it’s aim, make it bang
Choppa, I don’t need no aim
SOB x RBE in this bitch
Yhung T.O and 03 in this shit

Gucci penny loafers to my big blue faces
I’ma keep it packed like the Gucci suitcases
Crippin’, but I stay away from chubby shoelaces
Hit his ass once, but he bled in two places
Rosé everything, got expensive taste, bitch
“How you clean your ice?” Bitch, I use toothpaste
That baby faced baby loc, baby sit in paper
Child support? Yeah, right, my BM gettin’ payments

[Yhung T.O:]
Young nigga got rich and I ain’t looked back since
I got diamonds in my mouth, I got clips on clips
I got sauce, might drip, I got straps like T.I.P
I got shooters on call, them niggas shoot, don’t miss
I got times I quit, but them times ain’t shit
Sit y’all niggas on a [?], don’t get respect for assist
I got times when I’m calm, most times might trip
All these niggas wanna ride and ain’t providin’ a lick

[03 Greedo:]
Buy my bitch a purse, for my daughter and my shooter
It’s $10,000 for a verse, you won’t show if you a loser
Yeah maybe you is real, but a pussy introduce us
If I feel that you is real, I might just do it off the strength
A nigga, bossman, ice man, buzzin’
She creep up like a wolf, I make a howlin’ sound and bust it
Goddamn, we just friends, fuck it
That pussy got me hooked so I might make her be my woman

[Yhung T.O:]
Got some niggas that’ll slide if he dubbin’ this bitch
Love’ll get you killed, and you lovin’ that bitch
If I had to make a choice, I’d make a nigga strip
I need money, every dollar, every chain in this bitch, nigga
Fuck fame, all my niggas gettin’ paid
And these niggas don’t want smoke, all these niggas gettin’ saved
Niggas talk crazy when they typin’ on that page
I got demons in real life for niggas thinkin’ that they brave

[03 Greedo:]
Any side of California, people know I’m very loyal
Strap game made me royal, rap game made me spoiled
She doin’ my dreads butt-naked with Jamaican oils
I’m eatin’ Jamaican food and [?] this early mornin’
Hella horny, I can’t fuck a bitch if her lil’ body bony
She say, “Boy, you sleepin’, I’ma teach you” then she hopped up on it
Goddamn, she get it in, I’ma fuck everybody
I be out here shittin’ on these niggas like a port-a-potty

[Yhung T.O:]
All these diamonds on my neck, I’m the main attraction
I’m that nigga, settin’ plays like I’m Phil Jackson
Sendin’ shots without no guns, that’s a lil’ backwards
Suckers sufferin’ financially, niggas Twitter trappin’
And you will get your ass smoked with all that Twitter yappin’
I mean like way less talk and more interaction
Got some niggas I can’t trust that I’m still attached with
Know some niggas who be actin’ but they really actresses

[03 Greedo:]
Jordan down, project party, turn it to a private party
Had to spend the night with shawty, woke up eatin’ calamari
Finna cop a white Ferrari, smash up on the cops, I’m sorry
Blow a bag and cop BVLGARI, iPhone X, forgot the charger
Genius, but I’m half-retarded, walk in with the MAC and target
Bitch, I push a hard bargain, blowin’ on Nintendo cartridge
Racks, my bitch on Dolly Parton, big titties
Knockin’ at the door, she flodgin’, end up on that milk carton, bitch nigga

[Yhung T.O:]
All my niggas really demons, get to shootin’ for no reason
Catch a sucka tryna slide and have him standin’ where we leave him
And I’m goin’ ‘gainst the odds, but all my hundred dollars even
All my niggas with the beefin’, all you niggas turn to bleedin’
I don’t even want your bitch, still attackin’ for the weekend
I got money on my mind, I know exactly what you thinkin’
I know temptation, and bitch, you’d be a dumb bitch to tempt me
I got triggers on these semis, squeezin’ 50 ’til it’s empty, bitch

03 Greedo: Bacc To Bacc Lyrics from 03 Greedo Lyrics

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