The Connection Between the Slot Machine and The Chewing Gum

In the early 1900s, the society at large and the Judiciary started viewing the slot machines as an avoidable evil. The change of circumstances was due to the fact that gambling was rampant in the society. The gentry and the courts did not approve large scale gambling in public.

The fact that the game was highly addictive was also not in favor of having such games around where the people could be easily influenced by it. Even thought the defense specified that it was only a game that had caught on as a rage, it failed to satisfy the jury as to why it should continue in its usage

When legislations against these machines held stronghold, trade simulator machines much similar to the machines came to be operated in all sorts of places including at the grocers. These trade simulators gave out chewing gums and candies on striking jackpot. Historical evidence points out that the cherry and the watermelon flavors of the chewing gum that are very popular today were actually made for these machines. If the player hit a jackpot of three cherry images, he won cherry flavored gum!